Business Meeting

Policy, Terms, and Conditions

Under 1 Nation Corporation, Entrepreneur (Applicant), hereby agree to the following terms upon taking receipt in the amount paid of $ up to 50,000 USD as a holding deposit from the undersigned, hereinafter called “Entrepreneur” for consideration for the Franchise/Management agreement to sell product or services stated below: 

     Under 1 Nation Corporation

       Idea or Concepts.

1. Security deposit will remain on hold until application and approval process is completed. If Entrepreneur is denied or not approved, security deposit will be refunded within 14 days. if approved deposit will not be refunded and will be included in the purchase price. Application approval will not take more than 3-5 business days from the date of receiving the deposit. This will automatically start the process for the Entrepreneur's U1NC Agreements.


2. If Entrepreneur's complete the idea or concepts than cancels after 3-5 days after receiving approved U1NC agreement, the security deposit will be forfeited for “lost damages” to cover the lost opportunity to services rendered, conducting research, cancelled contract and taking ideas off the market, and re-advertising the concept as patentable service or product that may be unacceptable to restocking as a concept. 


3. If applicant signs the agreement and fails to move forward, applicant will be responsible for the term of the agreement signed or until idea or concepts is chosen again, whichever comes first, and security deposit will be forfeited as well.  


4. Entrepreneur's deposit are non-refundable whether approved or not approved. 



If any legal action of proceeding is brought by the either party to enforce any part of this agreement, the U1NC will recover, in addition to other relief, reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.